Give yourselves the chance to love again.

Do you feel like it is too late to salvage your relationship? Do you have trust issues?

Perhaps you aren’t sure what steps to take and you are afraid of the unknown?

Maybe a part of you wants to walk away from your relationship, but part of you wants to stay?

Will we ever stop arguing?

Whatever your reason for contemplating couples counseling, Michele Waldman will commit to you that couples therapy can help your relationship and you will find the answers. She has helped couples that are unable or unwilling to communicate with one another become effective and clear communicators.  She has counseled couples that are shut-down from years of pain and lack of trust learn to open up and trust one another again. It is beautiful to watch couples begin to love and respect one another again.

Michele works with couples in a safe and contained way, striving to ensure that each partner feels heard and understood by the other.  By helping you both learn how to effectively communicate and clarify your needs within the relationship, you will reduce unnecessary conflict.

Michele effectively counsels couples experiencing concerns about addiction, infidelity, anger, child custody, money, sex, intimacy, and boredom.  If both people are willing to commit to therapy, change can occur and you will find happiness again.



How safe do you feel with your partner? Are you longing for greater intimacy? In couples therapy, I create a safe environment for couples to learn how to express their needs and feelings on a deeper level. We work to identify areas in your relationship that are stagnate or keep you from being closer. This could be anything from miscommunication, being fearful of each other’s reaction to your truth, or an overly demanding schedule because of work or children. In order for your relationship to improve, it is important to make your relationship a priority. Couples therapy does just that – it puts your relationship first and starts to create more intimacy and meaning.



How is your sex life? Has there been an extramarital affair? Are you bored? It can feel impossible to tell your partner the truth when it comes to sex. It takes safety, trust and self awareness to be able to tell the truth. In couples therapy, I work to create a safe environment and help each person to find their truth and learn to ask for what they need.

Intimacy Issues



Whether you find yourselves arguing about unimportant things or having the same argument for years, my goal is to help you understand what your fights are really about and how to find resolution and understanding. It is equally important to learn to pay attention to your partner and better understand what triggers them as it is for them to understand what triggers you. In order for real change to occur, both partners need to feel cared for, listened to, and safe. I will teach you more effective communication skills and new ways to handle conflict.