A safe and confidential support therapy group for women who are looking for sanction and to improve their lives.

Survivors of Sexual Abuse

I am not currently running a new group.

This is an 8 week-long support group for women who have survived sexual assault; whether it be rape, incest, date rape, molestation, or marital rape. This is a safe and confidential place to share with other woman how the assault has impacted your life and to explore different healing modalities.  Groups to be held for 8 weeks.  Pricing $50 per session.

Group therapy can be tremendously helpful in relieving feelings of isolation and in forming new friendships.  It is an opportunity to share information and ideas with others and to learn new strategies in coping with issues in your life.

“With time, commitment, and a skilled counselor to help, people have the inherent capacity to change their lives.”



How do you feel about who you are?  Healthy self-esteem is not something that happens overnight. It is something that is earned through honest self-refection,  an understanding of why we do what we do, a commitment to living within your value system, and an ongoing practice of self-care. Many of our beliefs about ourselves are learned in childhood. Working with a skilled therapist can help to undercover ways of thinking about yourself and about life that hinder you.  In therapy, we work together to understand your negative and positive beliefs, clarify your value system, and develop skills to raise your self-esteem.


Family, Partner or Your Children

The relationships in our lives often reflect our own inner experience.  We react and relate to people based on how we feel about ourselves and life.  Therapy has the capacity to improve all your relationships. In healing your own wounds, you can also heal your relationship with others. Therapy helps you speak your truth to yourself and to those around you.

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Are you lonely? Loneliness can cause painful, even harmful reactions in both our mental and physical health.  In therapy, I would work with you in a safe and compassionate way to help you identify reasons why you may feel lonely and help uncover ways you can change your circumstances.  Through understanding yourself better, you are able to make different choices in your life and change your patterns.

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Age Transitions

Whether you are turning 30 or 75, it can be painful to accept life transitions. In therapy, we would work together to better understand how you feel about yourself and where you are in your life so that you are better equipped to face life transitions and make positive choices.

Many people are unconsciously driven by their fear of mortality.  It limits the way they live their lives.  It can be liberating to explore the meaning in your life, why you are here and what you want out of your life.  We are all going to age…why not do it with grace and joy?


Career Choices

It can be difficult making career decisions by ourselves. Before becoming a therapist at 40, I worked in both corporate America as well as international business for 15 years. In therapy, we would look at your options and help you develop a clear sense of what you want to do with your life.

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